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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to achieve anything they set their mind to, while others struggle to make even the smallest progress?


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Is This Masterclass For Me?

How Does This Healing Process Work? What Are The Results? 

Here is what you will discover in the masterclass:

Three Strategies to Keep Your Healing.
This includes a method I call Selah, it makes the voice of God louder than anything else. 

Recognizing Spiritual Triggers.
Discover how omnipresent triggers can be used by God to guide you. Enhance your spiritual awareness and obedience through understanding these divine cues.

Facing Challenges with Faith.
View your challenges as opportunities for growth and testimony. Strengthen your faith and trust in God during difficult times.

Embrace Metaphorical Change.
Learn to navigate your spiritual transformation, likened to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Embrace change and the unknown as integral parts of your spiritual development.

Discover the Power of Attachment and Detachment.

Differentiate Between Thoughts and Thinking.
Understanding the disparity between thinking and thoughts opens the door to comprehend God’s ways. This understanding eliminates the power of rumination.

Identify and Break Free from Emotional Patterns that Hold You Hostage.
Heal from suffering theology. Suffering theology, rooted in scarcity thinking and a negative mindset, can be overcome. This teaching will train you to shift from an ecology mindset to a testimony mindset.

Discover the 7 Surprising Side Effects of Mindfulness (and they are not all positive).
While mindfulness is widely promoted and claims significant results, this training will reveal that mindfulness can be a tool used against you.

Learn Two Tools to Hear God.
Develop fundamental habits to nurture a strong relationship with the Lord, and make these habits your own through a systematic process.

Master Discernment and Emotional Mastery.
Discernment is a gift that allows us to experience the presence of God. Learn how to utilize this gift effectively and witness an increase in God's presence.

Identify and Remove the 7 Curses that Hinder Learning.
Learning is a tool for growth and maturity in aligning our thoughts with God's. The enemy seeks to obstruct this process using seven basic lies. Learn how to identify and overcome them.

​Gain groundbreaking insights and lessons in personal growth that Ravi has acquired over the past 30 years.

Get Ready To:

  • ​​​Transform your life with newfound clarity and purpose
  • ​​Discover the power of attachment and detachment
  • ​​Experience healing from obsession and unbelief
  • ​​Gain a new perspective, seeing with fresh eyes
  • ​​Respond differently to life's challenges
  • Open your ears to hear God in everyday situation

‘Get Your Revenge Body’ Challenge Is Starting Soon…

In my journey of coaching individuals towards healing, I've come to understand a profound truth: God primarily focuses on healing your body, not your soul. This revelation may come as a surprise, but through my experiences, I've witnessed God's transformative work primarily targeting the body rather than the soul.

Let me shed light on how this divine operation functions. Once you grasp this teaching, you'll break free from strongholds that have bound you, never to return to the same struggles.


Your soul serves as a container for your experiences, acting as a judge that interprets circumstances based on past experiences. Learning to detach your soul is crucial for overcoming the arguments that oppose the spirit.


Your brain, housing the living temple of God within your body, processes information differently. It doesn't filter information through past experiences but seeks to give new meaning to what it receives.

How To Retain The Promises 

Your Promises Have Been Prepared

In my experience with God's healing, I've observed that He separates the brain from the soul's influence. Once detached, He connects the brain to the spirit. When this happens, a life is no longer dictated by the stronghold of negative emotions (soul-directed), but is freed to be empowered to operate out of God's thought process.

​The spirit and the soul offer different experiences. Your spirit holds the promises of God, predetermined experiences stored within promises. According to the scripture in Isaiah 46:9 & 10, God has prepared and walked your future before you. Although you have not yet experienced the fulfillment of this promise, your spirit is aware of it.​

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Ravi Kandal

Emotional Healing Expert

Ravi, since his profound salvation, has had the unique gift of hearing the audible voice of God, whom he endearingly calls Daddy. This gift has enabled him to make significant impacts globally, bridging across various spheres from witch doctors to world leaders. Through his journey of obedience, Ravi has seized incredible opportunities to serve, heal, and offer hope to those in need worldwide. His message of Radical Transformation, received during personal turmoil, has led him to a deep understanding of healing emotional wounds and transforming lives.

Alongside his wife Julie, Ravi co-founded Kingdom Foundations in 2004, driven by their shared desire to bring Christ's love to those in darkness through tangible acts of love and freedom. They currently reside with their four biological children in Dacula, GA, where they lead Radical Believers Chapel. Despite the physical distance, their eight Indian adult adopted children reside in India. In recent years, RT4 has been a focal point for KFS, reigniting their passion for reaching the lost and connecting people to Jesus in true freedom.

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