Don't Miss Out! Discover the Game-Changing Benefits of a Radical Change!

Set up Your 2024
for Success

We are Created to be Radical! 

This tool will provide you the ability to tap into greater curiosity and personal growth providing fuel for learning, adaptability, creativity, self-development, and meaningful connections with others. 


  • To connect to the Lord through His Holy Spirit working in you to reveal successes, desires and direction.
  • ​To awaken curiosity and gratitude for recent success. You are farther along than you think.
  • ​To reframe a difficult, disappointing or boring 2023.
  • ​To order your thinking in the areas of your life most important to you. Use Ravi’s 7 pillars to guide your journaling.
  • ​To strengthen relationships using the insider secrets of the 4 C’s. Get closer and more fulfilled in your relationships.
  • ​To gain passion for life again as hope and clarity propel you into new opportunities. ​

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What if you could make a radical difference with your life?

What if you could enjoy your life as you make impact?

What you lack in this season is clarity.

Download the Radical Change Goal Setting Questionnaire to help you get the clarity you need to bring radical impact.

This tool is designed to help you springboard reflection, ideas and your personal time with the Lord in order to bring vague desires into clear vision. Get started today, hear the Lord clearly for yourself in 2024.